App Privacy

This is information about privacy for users of our apps.

In general our apps do not collect, transmit or store any user information except for

  • anonymous technical data to deliver ads, help monitor app performance and diagnose any crashes. These data are collected by Google’s AdMob and Firebase services.
  • the generalized location of your device, expressed as somewhere within a 500 metres by 500 metres square area, if the seismometer feature detects a movement that could be a result of an earthquake. This location area is stored on a remote server for 24 hours and used together with similar data from other app users to show all app users the area in which an earthquake was felt. The information is automatically deleted after 24 hours. App users are able to disable the seismometer feature.

Our apps request permission to determine the user’s location when they are installed. This allows the app to determine whether the user is located within a volcanic hazard zone and how far the user is from a volcano. This information is not transmitted outside the user’s device. The app will still operate if permission is denied but without the features that require location.

Our apps may also include advertising provided by Google’s AdMob service. Apart from removing various advertising themes that are not appropriate for our apps Volcanex has no control over the advertisements shown or the data distribution policies of Google and its partners.

Specifically, Google and its partners may be placing and reading cookies on users’ devices, or using web beacons to collect information as a result of ad serving on users’ devices. More information about how Google uses these data is here.

Note that apart from the general information provided by Google in its AdMob account Volcanex does not have access to any data collected by Google and its partners that would identify any user.