App Privacy

This is information about privacy for users of our apps.

In its apps Volcanex International Pty Ltd does not collect any data that would reveal the name or address of any user. The only data it collects are related to how its apps are used.

This mainly includes which pages are used and when, which countries users are from, and which languages are used. These data guide how our apps are improved. They are not shared outside Volcanex and are deleted 30 days after collection.

If permitted by the user our apps also use device location services to determine highly accurate user location but this is not recorded. The two main purposes for this are to determine whether the user is exposed to potential volcanic hazards, and to show the user’s position on a map relative to the features, tracks and roads surrounding a volcano. Location data are only accessed while the user has an app open in the foreground. No location data are obtained when the app is closed.

Our apps may also include advertising provided by Google’s AdMob service. Apart from removing various advertising themes that are not appropriate for our apps Volcanex has no control over the advertisements shown or the data distribution policies of Google and its partners.

Specifically, Google and its partners may be placing and reading cookies on users’ devices, or using web beacons to collect information as a result of ad serving on users’ devices. More information about how Google uses these data is here.

Note that apart from the general information provided by Google in its AdMob account Volcanex does not have access to any data collected by Google and its partners that would identify any user.